Book 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What simile is used to describe Amata when the snake’s venom has made her mad?

2. How did Galaesus die?

3. Whom does Amata pretend has possessed her?

4. Why does Turnus enter the war?

5. Why does King Latinus offer his daughter in marriage to Aeneas?

6. Where do bees appear in this book?

7. What power does the priest Umbro have?

8. What does Latinus do when his people ask him to declare war?

9. What relatively trivial incident triggers the war?

10. Where has the image on Turnus’ helmet previously appeared in the Aeneid?

1. She is like a top, whipped about the city.

2. He threw himself between the Trojans and Italians to try to prevent the war.

3. Amata pretends to have been possessed by Bacchus.

4. Turnus’ mind is poisoned by a torch thrown at him by Allecto.

5. He has had an oracle that his daughter was to be married to a stranger.

6. The bees are omens that are interpreted to mean the arrival of foreigners.

7. Umbro can cure snake bites and cause snakes to fall asleep.

8. He shuts himself up in the palace.

9. The war is triggered by Anchises shooting Tyrrhus’ pet deer.

10. The Chimaera was the name of one of the ships in the races of Book Five.

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