Book 5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Aeneas believe the sacrifice to his father’s shade has been well-received?

2. What is symbolic about the prize Cloanthus receives?

3. To what is Sergestus’ boat compared?

4. Why do the gloves of Eryx enable Entellus to kill an ox?

5. How does Pyrgo know that the disguised Iris is a goddess?

6. Who is it that actually hits the dove in the shooting match?

7. What are the Trojan women complaining about when Iris arrives?

8. What final, non-competitive event ends the day’s festivities?

9. What “sacrifice” does Neptune want for providing the Trojans safe passage to Italy?

10. How does Palinarus fall into the ocean?

1. A snake slides from Anchises’ funeral shrine and tastes all of the offerings.

2. The scene embroidered on the cloak is of Ganymede being snatched away by Jupiter’s eagle. The replacement of Hebe by Ganymede as cupbearers of the gods is one of the reasons Juno cites for being angry with the Trojans.

3. His boat is compared to a wounded snake that still appears fierce despite having a broken back.

4. They have lead and iron sewn inside them.

5. Pyrgo has just spoken to the woman disguised as Iris.

6. Eurytion hits the dove.

7. The Trojan women are tired of sailing from place to place and want a city again.

8. An equestrian exhibit by the young men concludes the day’s events.

9. Neptune wants just one human life in exchange for the safe passage he gives the Trojans.

10. After shaking a sleeping potion into his eyes, the god Sleep pushes Palinarus into the ocean.

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