Book 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What curse does Celaeno cast on the Trojans?

2. What sign does Helenus say will show Aeneas where to found his city?

3. To whom does Helenus advise Aeneas to make sacrifices?

4. Why do the Trojans found a colony on Crete?

5. What religious practices are discussed in this book?

6. How was Polyphemus blinded?

7. What happens when Aeneas attempts to pull branches off the Thracian myrtle?

8. How did Andromache come to be married to Helenus?

9. Aside from Scylla and Charybdis, what must the Trojans avoid on their way to Italy?

10. Where does Helenus advise Aeneas to take no count of time during his visit?

1. Celaeno curses the Trojans to eat their plates before they find their new home.

2. Helenus tells Aeneas to look for a snow-white sow with 30 piglets.

3. Helenus advises Aeneas to make sacrifices to Juno.

4. Anchises, believing that King Teucer is the Trojan ancestor to whom the oracles refer, chooses Crete as the appropriate destination.

5. There are many religious practices in Book Three. For example, at the funeral for Polydorus, offerings are made of bowls of milk and blood; Aeneas pours wine on the hearth after the vision of the household gods; and following the advice of Helenus, the Trojans take up the practice of wearing a purple mantle on the head when they make sacrifices.

6. Polyphemus was blinded by Odysseus and his men.

7. The tree bleeds blood instead of sap.

8. After taking Andromache as a prize from Troy, Pyrrhus eventually married Hermione and gave Andromache to Helenus.

9. The Trojans must take care to avoid hostile Greek forces on their way to Italy.

10. Helenus advises Aeneas to spend as much time as necessary at the cave of the Sibyl.

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