Book 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who is the first to tell Aeneas of his future in Italy?

2. What two opinions exist concerning the nature of the Trojan horse?

3. What pastoral metaphor describes the Greeks’ murderous entry of Priam’s palace?

4. How does Sinon repay the kindness of the Trojans?

5. What do the Greek ships do while the Trojans debate over the nature of the horse?

6. What action of the murderous sea snakes convinces the Trojans that Minerva does not want them to harm the horse?

7. What double blasphemy does Pyrrhus commit?

8. Who is really to blame for Troy’s fall?

9. What other names are used for Troy?

10. Why is Aeneas, the brave warrior, so nervous as he leaves Troy?

1. It is Hector who first tells Aeneas that he is destined to establish a great city.

2. While some Trojans believe the horse is a sacred offering to Minerva, others believe it is a Greek trick.

3. Aeneas says that a flooding river, dragging “flocks and folds across the fields,” would be less furious than the slaughter of the Greek soldiers (668).

4. After being given refuge within Troy, Sinon opens up the Trojan horse, setting free the soldiers within it.

5. The Greek ships depart Troy’s harbor, making it appear that they have returned to Greece.

6. The snakes take refuge in Minerva’s temple after killing Laocoon.

7. Pyrrhus not only murders a son in front of his father, but also murders (twice) on a household altar.

8. It is the gods’ restlessness that is responsible for Troy’s downfall.

9. It is also called Ilium and Pergamus.

10. Aeneas, as he leaves Troy, is worried about the safety of his father and his son.

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