Book 10 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Whose prophecies does Juno say the Aeneidae have been

2. Why is Pallas not afraid of Turnus?

3. How does Pallas’ belt mirror Pallas’ own fate?

4. Why does Hercules cry?

5. What curse does Aeneas pronounce over Tarquitus’ corpse?

6. Who is Turnus’ sister?

7. Why is Juno allowed to interfere in the battle?

8. Give two similes used to describe Mezentius on the battlefield.

9. Why is Aeneas distressed by the death of Lausus?

10. What is Mezentius’ last wish?

1. She says they have been following “the prophecies of mad Cassandra” (93).

2. Whether he dies or conquers Turnus, he will have won glory. For this reason, Turnus’ threats do not scare him.

3. Like the bridegrooms, Pallas will be cut off in his youth.

4. He wants to help Pallas, but Jupiter will not let him.

5. He curses him to never be buried, but to be eaten by birds or fishes.

6. Turnus’ sister is the nymph Juturna.

7. Juno is allowed to save Turnus because Venus has protected Aeneas.

8. Mezentius is compared to a hunted boar and a starved lion.

9. Aeneas is impressed by the boy’s devotion to his father.

10. Mezentius’ last wish is to be buried beside his son.

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