Aeneid Book 9 Summary and Analysis


Book 9 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Cybele: the mother goddess

Numanus: brother-in-law of Turnus, taunter of the Trojans

Apollo: god of the sun

Pandarus and Bitias: twin Trojan giants

Juno sends Iris to Turnus. Iris tells Turnus that Aeneas is not in the Trojan camp and urges him to take the opportunity to attack. Turnus offers prayers of thanks, happily obeying the goddess who sent him this news.

The Italian forces advance on the Trojans, who retreat to their fortress as Aeneas ordered. Turnus throws the first javelin, symbolically starting the attack. Unable to penetrate the walls, he turns his energy to the Trojan’s ships. These ships were built of wood...

(The entire section is 1022 words.)