Aeneid Book 8 Summary and Analysis


Book 8 Summary and Analysis

New Characters: Venulus: an Italian messenger

Tiberinus: the god of the Tiber River

Evander: king of the Arcadians

Pallas: only son of King Evander

Vulcan: god of fire

Turnus sends Venulus to Diomedes, one of the Greeks who participated in the siege of Troy, asking him to join the forces in the defense of Latium. That night, Tiberinus appears to Aeneas. He tells Aeneas not to worry, then advises him to seek an alliance with the Arcadians. He also recommends that Aeneas make sacrifices to Juno. Aeneas prays to the river in thanks, and then, spying the white sow of the prophecy, makes an offering to Juno. He then sails upriver with two boats to...

(The entire section is 960 words.)