Aeneid Book 7 Summary and Analysis


Book 7 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Latinus: aged king of Latium

Lavinia: daughter of Latinus

Turnus: king of the Rutulians, Lavinia’s suitor

Allecto: one of the Furies

Amata: Latinus’ wife

Tyrrhus: Latinus’ shepherd

Mezentius: an Etruscan tyrant

Camilla: a warrior maiden

After passing the island of Circe, the fleet of Aeneas sails up the Tiber River. In Laurentum, capitol of Latium, King Latinus is unsure of what to do with his only child, Lavinia. Although she is ready to be married, he has received strange signs about her future. The latest oracle had said that he must not marry Lavinia to a Latin, but to a...

(The entire section is 998 words.)