Aeneid Book 6 Summary and Analysis


Book 6 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Gyas: captain of the ship Chimerae

Menoetes: pilot of the Chimerae

Mnesthus: captain of the Shark

Cloanthus: captain of the Scylla

Sergestus: captain of the Centaur

Nisus: devoted friend of Euryalus

Euryalus: a handsome Trojan youth

Dares: a famed Trojan boxer

Entellus: an aged Sicilian boxer

Pyrgo: eldest Trojan woman, former nurse of Priam’s children

Nautes: Trojan seer

The Trojans land in Cumae. Aeneas seeks out the cave of the Sibyl. He waits for her in the beautiful Temple of Apollo, which is beautifully carved with scenes from the life of...

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