Aeneid Book 5 Summary and Analysis


Book 5 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Gyas: captain of the ship Chimerae

Menoetes: pilot of the Chimerae

Mnesthus: captain of the Shark

Cloanthus: captain of the Scylla

Sergestus: captain of the Centaur

Nisus: devoted friend of Euryalus

Euryalus: a handsome Trojan youth

Dares: a famed Trojan boxer

Entellus: an aged Sicilian boxer

Pyrgo: eldest Trojan woman, former nurse of Priam’s children

Nautes: Trojan seer

From off the shores of Carthage, Aeneas sees a vast blaze. Although he does not know with certainty what is responsible for the fire, he knows that it is a bad omen because of...

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