Aeneid Book 4 Summary and Analysis


Book 4 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Anna: Dido’s sister and confidante

Mercury: messenger of the gods

Iris: Juno’s messenger

Dido is now raging with love for Aeneas. She tells her sister Anna that Aeneas is the only man who has ever tempted her to break her vow to be faithful to the memory of her dead husband. Anna advises her to follow her feelings, inasmuch as the union between Aeneas and Dido would be good for the kingdom.

Dido’s love begins to drive her mad. Without her attention, the construction of the city comes to a halt. Seeing Dido thus afflicted, Juno conspires with Venus to unite their favorites in marriage. Venus suspects Juno is only trying to save...

(The entire section is 1168 words.)