Aeneid Book 3 Summary and Analysis


Book 3 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Polydorus: murdered son of Priam

Celaeno: leader of the Harpies

Helenus: Priam’s son

Andromache: Hector’s widow, now married to Helenus

Achaemenides: an abandoned member of Ulysses’ crew

Palinarus: a Trojan pilot

Polyphemus: the cyclops blinded by Ulysses

Acestes: king of Sicily

The Trojan exiles build a fleet at the base of Mount Ida. When summer arrives, Anchises bids them to set sail. Their first settlement is in Thrace, which was formerly allied with Troy.

While tearing a myrtle branch from a nearby bush, Aeneas is dismayed to find blood dripping from it. A voice...

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