Aeneid Book 12 Summary and Analysis


Book 12 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Juturna: Turnus’ sister, goddess of pools and rivers

Tolumnius: the Rutulians’ auger

Iapyx: Aeneas’ healer

Turnus is eager to fight Aeneas, and asks Latinus to prepare a peace treaty before the duel. Latinus asks Turnus to consider not fighting. He tells him there are plenty of marriageable girls available, that he knew it was wrong to offer Lavinia to any of her suitors because of the oracles, and that, if peace can be had, he is sure that he can have peace and also have Turnus alive.

Turnus says that glory is too important to him for him to not fight. Queen Amata then begs him not to fight, as she is sure that her fortunes will...

(The entire section is 1491 words.)