Aeneid Book 11 Summary and Analysis


Book 11 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Drances: an elderly Latin who is opposed to Turnus

Diana: goddess of the hunt, Camilla’s patron

Opis: a member of Diana’s troop of maiden huntresses

Arruns: an Etruscan fighter

Before returning Pallas’ body to Evander, Aeneas builds a trophy for Mars, decorated with the arms of Mezentius. Aeneas mourns over Pallas, then arranges to have an honor guard accompany his body. Even Pallas’ horse is crying.

The Latins ask Aeneas for permission to collect their dead. Aeneas willingly grants it, adding that these deaths would not have occurred if Turnus had challenged him to personal combat and let the gods pick the winner....

(The entire section is 1116 words.)