Aeneid Book 10 Summary and Analysis


Book 10 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Cymodoce: chief of the nymphs formed from Aeneas’ ships

Tarchon: leader of the Etruscan Agyllans

Lausus: son of Mezentius

Magus: an Italian fighting for Turnus

Orodes: a Trojan soldier

Jupiter has called a conference in Olympus. He says that it is time for there to be peace in Italy. Venus reminds Jupiter that the Trojans have only been following the oracles of the gods. She implicitly blames Juno for the current state of war. Juno denies that she has anything to do with the current Trojan troubles. She adds that, considering what Venus can do for the Trojans, it is only fair for others to aid the Italians.


(The entire section is 854 words.)