Book 1 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Aeneas: leader of the fleet of exiled Trojans

Juno: queen of the gods, enemy of the Trojans

Aeolus: king of the winds

Neptune: god of the sea

Venus: goddess of love, Aeneas’ mother and patron

Jupiter: king of the gods

Achates: Aeneas’ constant companion

Dido: widowed queen of Carthage

Ilioneus: a Trojan elder

Ascanius Iulis: Aeneas’ son

Cupid: god of love

Juno, still furious at the Trojan refugees, has heard that their descendants are destined to destroy her favorite city, Carthage. She has kept the Trojans from Italy, their fated destination, for...

(The entire section is 1556 words.)