Illustration of a man on a dock facing the water

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

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Chapters 8 and 9 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What interrupts Huck’s comfortable and relaxed feeling the first morning on the island?

2. Why are the townspeople on the river that morning?

3. What is found in the bread that is floating on the water?

4. Whose campfire does Huck find?

5. What will people say if they discover that Huck is harboring a slave?

6. What is Miss Watson tempted to do with her slave, Jim?

7. What happens to the island when it rains?

8. What do Huck and Jim find on the island that has been washed down by the flood?

9. A large two-story house floats down the river past the island. What do Huck and Jim find in the house?

10. Where do Huck and Jim make their home on the island?

1. The interruption is the loud “boom” of the cannon coming from the ferryboat.

2. They are on the river to try and locate Huck’s dead body.

3. Quicksilver is put in the bread because they feel that it will locate a dead body in the river.

4. Huck finds Jim’s campfire, but he does not know whose it is at the time.

5. People will call Huck a low-down Abolitionist.

6. Miss Watson is tempted to sell him down the river for eight hundred dollars.

7. It becomes flooded with three or four feet of water at the lower end of the island.

8. They find a large raft.

9. Huck and Jim find a dead man in the house. In the last chapter of the novel Huck will learn that it was the body of his father.

10. They make their home in a cave on a high bluff. This provides shelter when it rains and protection from people who might be looking for Jim.

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