Chapters 6 and 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Pap kidnaps Huck. Where does he take him?

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2. Why does Huck want people to think that he is dead?

3. Does Pap get Huck’s six thousand dollars?

4. What does Pap do with Huck when he goes to town for supplies?

5. What tool does Huck use to escape from the cabin?

6. Why does Huck kill the pig?

7. What does the “June rise” of the river bring with it for Huck?

8. Why does Huck wish Tom Sawyer were with him?

9. Why does Huck suddenly enjoy school?

10. Huck sleeps in the canoe just before he escapes to Jackson’s Island. What is he waiting for?

1. Pap takes Huck to a deserted cabin in the woods on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.

2. He does not want his pap nor the Widow Douglas to search for him.

3. No. He does not have the patience to wait around for the court’s decision.

4. He locks Huck in the cabin so he will not run away.

5. He uses a rusty old saw. His pap is careful not to leave any knives around while he is gone, but Huck finds the saw between the rafter and clapboards of the roof.

6. He killed the pig so he could smear the blood around to make it look as if he had been murdered with an ax.

7. The “June rise” causes a canoe to wash up on shore that Huck hides for his escape.

8. Huck wishes Tom Sawyer was there to help him stage his own death. He feels Tom would give it that “fancy touch.”

9. He goes to school to spite his father. His father forbids him to go near the school.

10. Huck is waiting for it to get dark so he will not be seen on the river.

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