Chapters 42 and 43 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When Tom finally comes home who accompanies him?

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2. How do the men treat Jim as a runaway slave?

3. What do they threaten to do to Jim to teach the other slaves a lesson?

4. Why don’t they do what they feel like doing to Jim?

5. What is Jim’s punishment when he gets back to his cabin?

6. When Tom wakes up what does he reveal to Aunt Sally?

7. Who arrives to surprise her sister?

8. Who first reveals Jim’s freedom? How is Jim freed?

9. What happened to Pap?

10. What does Huck plan to do at the novel’s end?

1. The doctor, Jim, and the men attending to Jim, accompany Tom to his home.

2. They curse him and give him an occasional blow on the head.

3. They threaten to hang Jim to teach the other slaves a lesson.

4. They are afraid Jim’s owner might come back to claim him, and they would be obligated to pay for the loss of property.

5. He is chained to the floor with both legs, and his arms are also chained. He is put on a diet of bread and water.

6. Tom reveals the whole plan of Jim’s escape to Aunt Sally.

7. Aunt Polly arrives from St. Petersburg and surprises everyone including her sister, Aunt Sally.

8. Tom reveals Jim’s freedom to Huck and Aunt Sally. Jim was freed by Miss Watson in her will.

9. Pap was found dead by Jim in the floating house earlier in the novel. Jim does not tell Huck until the end of the novel.

10. Huck plans to “light out for the territory ahead of the rest” so Aunt Sally will not try to adopt him and “sivilize” him.

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