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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

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Chapters 40 and 41 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where has Huck forgotten the butter for the boys’ lunch?

2. Who does Huck find in the “setting-room?”

3. What happens to Tom’s britches when the three are escaping to the river and the raft?

4. Why don’t the dogs pay any attention to Huck, Jim, and Tom?

5. What has happened to Tom during the escape?

6. What does Huck tell the doctor about Tom’s bullet wound?

7. Why does the doctor leave Huck on the shore when he goes to take care of Tom?

8. Where does Huck sleep all night?

9. What is going on at the Phelps Plantation when Huck gets there?

10. Why doesn’t Huck leave the house at night to check on Tom at the raft?

1. Huck has left the butter in the cellar.

2. Huck finds fifteen farmers in the “setting room.” Each of them is carrying a gun for protection.

3. Huck’s britches are caught on a splinter on the top rail of the fence. When he pulls loose, the splinter snaps back and makes a noise.

4. The dogs know them and are friendly.

5. Tom was shot and has a bullet lodged in his leg.

6. Huck tells the doctor Tom was dreaming and kicked his gun, and it shot him in the leg.

7. The doctor tells Huck the canoe is not safe for two people.

8. Huck sleeps on a lumber pile.

9. The house is still full of people telling exaggerated stories about what happened the night before.

10. Huck swears that “he wouldn’t do nothing to grieve her anymore.”

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