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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

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Chapters 36 and 37 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When the case knives are too slow for digging, what do Huck and Tom decide to use instead?

2. When Tom goes upstairs to bed what does he pretend the stairs are?

3. According to Tom why do the witches come to visit Nat at breakfast?

4. How many new shirts has Aunt Sally made in the last two years?

5. Why does Uncle Silas find the missing spoon in his pocket?

6. What two missing items have been stolen off of the clothesline?

7. What do Huck and Tom bake into the witch’s pie?

8. What do Huck and Tom do to confuse Aunt Sally about her silverware?

9. Why do they need a bedsheet?

10. Why do Tom and Huck want to confuse Aunt Sally?

1. They decide to change to pick and shovel because it will be faster.

2. Tom pretends the stairs are a lightning rod.

3. Tom says the witches are hungry, and he will bake them a witch pie to satisfy their appetite at breakfast.

4. Aunt Sally has made two shirts in the last two years. If she makes a new one for Uncle Silas it will be her third shirt in the last two years.

5. Because Tom puts it there earlier. Jim is supposed to take it from Uncle Silas on one of his visits.

6. The bedsheet and the shirt are taken from the clothesline.

7. They bake a rope ladder into the witch’s pie.

8. They add and remove the spoons alternately to confuse the count.

9. They need a bedsheet to make a rope later.

10. The boys want to confuse Aunt Sally so she will not keep such close watch over her belongings. They want to use some of the items for their plan of escape. They are hoping she will not notice the missing items.

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