The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 28 and 29 Questions and Answers
by Mark Twain

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Chapters 28 and 29 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Huck tell Mary Jane the truth?

2. Why does Hines think that the king is an imposter?

3. Why does Huck ask Mary Jane to leave town?

4. How does Huck tell Mary Jane that he put the bag of money in the coffin?

5. How does Levi Bell propose to find who the true Wilks brothers are?

6. What were the misfortunes of the Wilks brothers?

7. How do they finally solve the problem of identification?

8. Why don’t they believe Huck when he says he’s English?

9. On his way to the raft what does Huck see in the middle of town?

10. Why did Hines let go of Huck’s hand allowing him to get away?

1. He sees how sad she is about the separation of the slave families and tells her they will soon be back.

2. He saw the king in a canoe the day before the funeral.

3. Huck asks Mary Jane to leave so her face will not reveal the truth about the king and the duke after Huck has told her the whole story.

4. He does not have the heart to tell her in person so he writes her a note and asks her not to read it until he has gone.

5. He tries to compare their handwriting to letters Peter Wilks has received from his brothers, but it does not work because William Wilks has broken his arm and cannot write.

6. Their baggage has been dropped off in the wrong town, and one of the brothers has broken his arm.

7. By exhuming the body of Peter Wilks to find out who is right about the tattoo on his chest.

8. Huck does not have an English accent.

9. Huck sees the candle burning in Mary Jane’s window.

10. Hines was so surprised to see the bag of gold in the coffin that he forgot himself and let go of Huck’s hand.