The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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Chapters 26 and 27 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do the women insult their own food?

2. What incident in the novel convinces Huck that he must get the money back to the Wilks girls?

3. In what way will Huck get the money from the king and the duke?

4. Where does Huck hurriedly hide the money? Why does he choose this particular spot?

5. How do the king and the duke justify selling the property so soon after the funeral?

6. Where do the slaves go when they are sold?

7. Why does the king sell the slaves the day after the funeral? How does the duke feel about this?

8. Why does the duke wish he had kept the slaves?

9. How do the Wilks girls react when the slaves are sold?

10. Why doesn’t Huck tell on the king and the duke when they allow the slaves to be separated from their families?

1. The women make degrading comments about their food so that they can elicit compliments from their guests.

2. The kindness of Mary Jane and Susan, and Joanna’s apology for her accusations while they are eating in the kitchen convinces Huck that these girls do not deserve to be defrauded by the king and the duke.

3. Huck decides that stealing the money would be the safest course of action.

4. Huck hides the money in Peter Wilks’ coffin. His plan to take the money outside is thwarted when the door is locked. When he hears Mary Jane’s footsteps, he quickly slips the bag of gold under the coffin lid and disappears.

5. The king and duke promise to take the Wilks girls home to England to live with them. The king is in a hurry to get back because his congregation needs him back in...

(The entire section is 437 words.)