Chapters 22 and 23 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who faces the mob single-handed?

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2. Who is Twain satirizing in this situation?

3. What attracts the crowd at the showing of The Royal Nonesuch?

4. Why do the king and the duke leave during the third performance?

5. Approximately how many people attend the Shakespearean performance?

6. Why do the king and duke change to another show?

7. What does Huck mean when he says that all kings are “rapscallions”?

8. What does Jim do for Huck that shows he cares about him?

9. Who is Jim homesick for in these chapters?

10. What disease caused Jim’s daughter’s deafness?

1. Sherburn steps onto his porch and criticizes them for being cowards. He then orders them to leave.

2. Twain is satirizing the lynch mobs who come like cowards after dark wearing masks. He thinks mob activity is cowardly.

3. The caption at the bottom of the handbill that reads “ladies and children not admitted.”

4. The king stays on the raft, and the duke escapes after he has collected the money. They leave to avoid the anger of the townspeople who have been swindled out of their money.

5. Twelve people attend the performance. They laugh inappropriately and leave before it is over.

6. Since their primary purpose is to make money they decide to do a show that will attract more people.

7. He does not have much respect for royalty. He sees them as insensitive men who generally get their own way.

8. Jim often serves his watch for him at night so Huck can get some sleep.

9. Jim is homesick for his wife and children and is afraid he will never see them again.

10. Scarlet fever left her with a hearing impediment.

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