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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

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Chapters 2 and 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where does Tom take Huck and the gang?

2. What does Jim think has happened when he finds his hat hanging in the tree?

3. When Tom’s gang tries to rob the rich “Spaniards” and “A-rabs,” who do they actually rob?

4. Where does Tom get his ideas for robbing and killing people?

5. If anyone reveals the secrets of the gang, the boy and his family must be killed. Whom does Huck offer as his family to be killed?

6. Contrast the personalities of Huck and Tom.

7. Whose slave is Jim?

8. Who are Joe Harper and Ben Rogers?

9. What purpose does the Mississippi River serve in the novel?

10. How wide is the river in this chapter?

1. Tom takes Huck and the gang to the cave through the hole that he had discovered earlier.

2. Jim thinks that he has been ridden around the world by witches.

3. The gang tries to rob a Sunday school picnic. To their humiliation, it is a primer class filled with very young children.

4. He gets them from the books he reads. One of those books is Don Quixote.

5. Huck offers Miss Watson because he would rather give her up than anyone else.

6. Huck is literal-minded, realistic, and practical, but Tom is romantic and imaginative.

7. Jim is Miss Watson’s slave. This is another criticism of Miss Watson as an unfavorable character in the novel.

8. Joe Harper and Ben Rogers are boys in Tom Sawyer’s gang.

9. The Mississippi River acts as a symbolic setting in the novel, representing an idyllic escape from the corruption of society. 10. The river is a mile wide, which gives it a majestic power.

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