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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

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Chapters 18 and 19 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why are the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons feuding?

2. Name the couple who run off and get married?

3. What happens to the young couple after the shooting starts?

4. What secret does Miss Sophia ask Huck to keep?

5. Why does Huck think the duke and the king are after him when they first meet?

6. Do Huck and Jim expect to paddle their newly-found canoe up the Ohio River?

7. When Huck pulls the men out of the river, what has happened to them?

8. How does Jim feel when he sees Huck again? What does he think has happened to him?

9. Where is Huck while the shooting is going on?

10. Who leads Huck to Jim?

1. Nobody really knows except that years ago somebody shot a man who won a lawsuit.

2. Miss Sophia, a Grangerford, and Harney Shepherdson run off and get married.

3. The young couple make it safely across the river.

4. She asks Huck not to tell about the note left in her Testament.

5. He is still on guard because he is a runaway who is traveling with a runaway slave.

6. Their plans for traveling up the Ohio River have changed.

7. One of the men is Buck. He has died in a gun battle between the feuding families.

8. Jim is happy to see Huck. He was afraid Huck had been killed in the gun battle.

9. Huck has crawled up in a tree.

10. Jack helps Huck find Jim by telling him that he wants him to see a “whole stack o’ water moccasins.” He is actually leading him to Jim, but does not want to get mixed up in any trouble.

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