Chapters 16 and 17 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Huck’s conscience bother him as they approach what they think is Cairo?

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2. What does Huck tell the slave hunters about his predicament?

3. What do the men in the skiff do for Huck?

4. Does Huck feel better after he has protected Jim from the slave hunters?

5. What destroys the raft?

6. How can Huck and Jim tell that they have missed Cairo in the fog?

7. Why does Jim think they have had such bad luck?

8. Why does Huck go into long descriptions of the furnishings and pictures in the Grangerford’s house?

9. Who do the Grangerfords think Huck might be when the dogs bark at him?

10. What has happened to Jim in these chapters?

1. He feels he is responsible for helping Jim, a runaway slave, gain his freedom.

2. He tells them that his pap, his mam, and Mary Ann are sick on the raft. He leads them to believe they have smallpox.

3. Out of guilt they each give him $20.

4. He does not feel better at first. He feels as if he has done the wrong thing.

5. A steamboat navigating on a semi-foggy river runs into them.

6. They can tell that they are below the Ohio River because clear water from the Ohio is drifting into the muddy Mississippi.

7. He feels it all comes from handling the snakeskin.

8. Twain is using satire to attack sentimentalism and bad taste in art and in home furnishings.

9. They think Huck could be a Shepherdson, their enemy.

10. Jim dives off the raft when the steamboat wrecks it, and Huck calls his name repeatedly but cannot find him.

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