Chapters 10 and 11 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does a rattlesnake do when its mate dies?

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2. Jim thinks there is a reason why the rattlesnake bit him. What is the reason?

3. Why does Huck dress like a girl?

4. How long does it take for Jim’s swelling on his leg to go down?

5. What is the name of the forty-year-old woman whom Huck talks to in town?

6. What crime is Jim accused of?

7. Why does Huck build a fire at his old campsite?

8. How does Mrs. Loftus know that Huck is not a girl?

9. What reward is offered for Huck’s father?

10. How does Huck react when Mrs. Loftus says that people think Jim murdered Huck?

1. The rattlesnake finds its mate and coils around it.

2. Jim thinks the snake bit him because Huck touched a snakeskin with his bare hands.

3. Huck dresses to disguise himself so nobody will recognize him in town.

4. It takes four days and four nights.

5. Her name is Mrs. Judith Loftus. Her husband wants to find Jim for the three hundred dollar reward.

6. Jim is accused of murdering Huck.

7. He builds a fire to distract the people who are hunting for Jim until they can get off the island.

8. Mrs. Loftus observes the way Huck catches the lump of lead by clapping his legs together. She can also tell by the way he threads a needle.

9. The reward is two hundred dollars because he is a murder suspect.

10. Huck is completely surprised, but he tries to stay calm so she will not suspect his connection with Jim.

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