The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 20 and 21 Summary and Analysis

Mark Twain

Chapters 20 and 21 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Boggs: drunkard shot by Colonel Sherburn

Colonel Sherburn: the man who shoots Boggs

The king and the duke question the idea of traveling by night and hiding by day. Huck responds with common sense to their suspicions that Jim might be a runaway slave. He assures them that a runaway would not be traveling south. In order to be more convincing, however, he produces another imaginary story about his whole family dying and leaving him, after the debts are paid, with only sixteen dollars and the family slave Jim. His pa and four-year-old brother had fallen off the raft and drowned, so he and Jim are the only ones left. He explains that they...

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