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How does Ferdinand Porsche gifting a Volkswagen to Hitler support the Hitler Myth?

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The giving of Hitler a Volkswagen for his 50th Birthday supports the Hitler Myth in a couple of ways.  The premise of the Hitler Myth is that there had to be a "manufactured consensus" to show Hitler as the greatest German ruler.  In pictures that show Porsche giving the car to Hitler, it is seen as an act of pure homage.  Porsche is shown to be admiring the car along with Hitler. This helps to enhance the myth because its presentation was that the car was on the level of someone as important and as worthy as Hitler.  Such an idea was essential to the Hitler Myth in that it could only work if staged presentations such as this one could display the image of the leader as worthy of only the best as he was only the best.  Another part of the myth that is critical was the belief that Hitler had to be shown as "loved by many."  The presentation of the car helps to enhance this, also.  Porsche does not give the car to Hitler in private, away from public view. He gives to him publicly, handing the keys over to him and admiring the car with him in front of a collection of Nazi officials and in front of Hitler's photographer.  The mere publicity of the event could be seen as another reason why Porsche giving Hitler the Volkswagen could be seen as supportive of the Hitler Myth.

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