Topics for Discussion

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1. Lord Loam insists upon holding a tea party for his servants once a month. Does he in fact think of them as equals, as he says he does?

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2. Why does Crichton dislike the gatherings? Why does he not refuse to attend?

3. Why does Lord Brocklehurst proclaim that he is glad "not to be one of the party of the yacht"?

4. Why does Barrie dispose of the crew of the yacht, not letting them show up on the island?

5. Why does Crichton soak Ernest's head in the bucket?

6. Why is Lord Loam's loss of the hairpin important to Crichton?

7. Why does Tweeny refuse Ernest's marriage proposal?

8. Why does Crichton choose Mary to ask to be his wife?

9. When the ship had obviously not seen the castaways on the island, why does Crichton pull the lever to set the signal fires?

10. Mary asks Crichton not to signal the ship; yet when she returns to London, she rejects Crichton for Lord Brocklehurst. Is she an inconsistent character?

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