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1. Compare the character of Adam to the character of Jim Hawkins in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Does the narrative of Treasure Island reflect Jim's point of view in the same way that the narrative of Adam of the Road reflects Adam's perspective? Explain.

2. Compare details in Adam of the Road with information from nonfiction about the time period. How authentic are the novel's details?

3. The changing of seasons is a common motif in literature. Gray closely chronicles the seasonal changes as they affect the physical landscape. Do these changes have symbolic importance as well? Explain.

4. Sometimes writers of historical fiction wish to convey a subjective viewpoint about historical events or attitudes. Does Gray in any way express her own opinions about the social and political conventions she depicts, or is her treatment purely objective? Consider, for example, her portrayal of attitudes toward women and class conflict.

5. If you were to write a modem version of Adam of the Road, where would it take place? What occupation would Adam's father have? What occupations would some of the people Adam meets have? Would anything be the same as the original story? Would the theme remain the same?

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