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Summary of Chapters 10 to 15 in Adam of the Road


Chapters 10 to 15 of Adam of the Road follow Adam as he continues his journey to find his lost dog, Nick. Along the way, Adam encounters various challenges and meets new people who both help and hinder his quest. These chapters highlight Adam's resilience, resourcefulness, and growing understanding of the world around him.

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What are the key points in Chapters 10 to 15 of Adam of the Road?

Key points by chapter might look something like this:

Chapter 10:

  • Jankin the Minstrel steals Adam's dog Nick.
  • Adam and his father Roger set off to find Nick, receiving clues and advice from a stable boy and some travelers on the road.

Chapter 11:

  • At Guildford, Adam gets close enough to Jankin and Nick to catch a glimpse of them, but the thief takes the dog onto a ferry to cross the river, and Adam swims after them.

Chapter 12:

  • Adam can not catch up to Jankin and Nick, and returns to Guildford to find his father.
  • Adam learns that his father has left for Farnham, where he thinks Jankin has gone also, and he sets out alone for that town.

Chapter 13:

  • In Farnham, Adam discovers that everyone is going to the fair at Winchester, and is befriended by a merchant, Daun Williams, who offers to take Adam with him to Winchester on horseback.
  • Adam and Daun Williams' group are accosted by robbers in the night; Adam escapes, but Daun Williams and his servants are taken captive.

Chapter 14:

  • Adam notifies a nearby village bailiff of the crime, and the bailiff organizes a band to go after the robbers. Daun Williams, his servants, and his goods are recovered, and the bailiff continues on to hunt down the thieves.

Chapter 15:

  • Adam arrives in Winchester with Daun Williams, who immediately begins to set up shop to sell his wares.
  • Adam cannot find Roger or Nick, and goes to the shrine at St. Swithin to pray for a miracle.
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What is the summary of Chapters 10 to 12 in Adam of the Road?

Chapter 10 of the story is titled “Here, Nick!” and describes how Adam’s spaniel, Nick, is stolen by Jankin at the inn, in Westhumble lane, while Roger and Adam are asleep. According to the inn’s stable boy, Jankin had passed by the stables before sunrise and intimated that Roger had traded the war horse, Bayard, for Nick. He had then left the inn with Nick tucked under his arm. On hearing this news, Roger and Adam set out in pursuit of Jankin after paying the innkeeper to keep the lame Bayard in his stables in their absence. Adam is devastated by Nick’s disappearance, for he loves his dog a lot. After quite some walking, they meet a group of pilgrims, accompanied by some minstrels, who claim to have come across Jankin, who was headed for Guildford.

Chapter 11 of the story is titled “Adam Swims the Way” and dwells on the search for Nick in Guildford. Roger and Adam arrive safely in Guildford but are separated after Adam takes off alone to chase Jankin across the river. Unfortunately, Jankin gets away after he boards the ferryboat and gets to the other side of the river ahead of Adam, who misses the ferryboat and chooses to swim across the river.

Chapter 12 of the story is titled “The Ferryman’s House.” In this chapter, Adam, tired from the long chase, falls asleep outside a little house near the ferryboat landing. He is awoken by the ferryman and his wife, who live in the little house. The two take in the boy for the night and are very kind to him:

He carried Adam into the house, where they peeled off his wet clothes, rolled him in a warm blanket, fed him hot bean pottage, and put him to bed in a little room upstairs where bunches of herbs were hung from the rafters to dry.

The following day, the ferryman’s wife suggests that Jankin was most likely headed for Farnham and possibly used the road through the nearby woods. She advises Adam to go back to Guildford to find his father rather than continue with the search for Jankin and Nick. After dinner at the ferryman’s house, the ferryman takes him across the river and back to Guildford for free. Unfortunately, he misses his father who, he is told, left at about noon for Farnham via the road over Hog’s Back after hearing information to the effect that Jankin was seen headed that way. Adam spends the night at the castle and starts for Farnham in the early morning.

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What is the summary of Chapters 10 to 12 in Adam of the Road?

While Adam sleeps in Chapter 10, his dog Nick is stolen by Jankin the Minstrel.  Adam and his father Roger search everywhere for Nick, but to no avail.  Roger finds a stable boy who talked to the thief, and the boy tells them Jankin is headed toward Ranmore Common, over the bridge.  Since their horse is lame, Adam and Roger set off on foot to find Nick.  They meet some travelers on the road who tell them that Jankin and the dog are heading for Guildford.

When they get to Guildford in Chapter 11, Adam catches a glimpse of Jankin and the dog, and, without thinking, runs away from his father to pursue them.  Tired from his journey, Adam is unable to keep up, but when he sees that the thief and Nick have jumped on a ferry to cross the river, he leaps into the water and swims after them. 

In Chapter 12, an exhausted Adam, realizing he has now lost both his dog and his father, falls asleep outside the Ferryman's house.  The Ferryman and his wife are kind and care for Adam, and recommend that he return to Guildford, find his father, and return to resume the search for his dog.  Adam complies, and discovers back in Guildford that Roger has spent the night entertaining at the castle, but has now gone on to Farnham, where Adam believes Jankin has gone also.  Adam spends the night with a porter, and sets off for Farnham in the morning.

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