Gary Shteyngart’s Absurdistan tells the story of Misha Vainburg. Misha is obese, a secular Jew, and he is the son of the 1,238th richest man in Russia. When Absurdistan begins, Misha is at the end of a long journey that began with his return to Russia from New York. He is desperate to go back to New York both to be in the city he loves and to be with the woman he loves. However, Misha’s quest to return to New York ultimately takes him to Absurdistan, a fictional country near the Caspian Sea.

Misha cannot return to New York because his “Beloved Papa,” Boris Vainberg, was a Russian gangster. After Boris killed Roger Daltrey of Oklahoma, the Immigration and Naturalization Service refused to issue Misha further visas. Misha is stuck in St. Petersburg, where he leads a melancholy life of gluttonous excess. Misha spends most of his time rapping with his friend Alyosha-Bob; calling his psychiatrist Dr. Levine; and throwing shoes at Timofey, his manservant. He also spends a great deal of time writing e-mails to Rouenna Sales, his long-distance girlfriend.

Rouenna and Misha met while he was in America studying multiculturalism. Misha, or “Snack Daddy,” as his college friends called him, quickly became a memorable attendee of parties. Misha and Rouenna met at a topless bar. After comparing their breasts, they returned to Misha’s apartment. Whenever Misha is with women, he worries about their response to his penis, which was mangled during his circumcision at the age of 18. Misha underwent the procedure at his father’s request, though he blames the Hasid Jews who carried out the surgery. However, Rouenna responds tenderly and the two start a relationship.

Misha’s relationship with his father is less straightforward, and unfortunately it is unlikely to find resolution since Boris Vainburg has been murdered by one of his rivals. Now Misha begins to find that he has more responsibilities than he realized. He settles with his father’s murderer. He also sleeps with his father’s wife, who is actually younger than Misha is. Finally, Misha determines to start an organization called Misha’s Children so he can do good in the world. However, Misha’s enduring passion is to return to New York.

Even though Boris Vainberg has been killed, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will still not allow Misha entry into America. However, Misha learns that he might be able to get a fake Belgian passport. He demands passports for both himself and Timofey. Once the deal is agreed upon, Misha boards a flight that takes him to Austria and then to Absurdistan. Misha flies first class but leaves to sit in coach when a flight attendant refuses to respond to Misha’s complaints about a fellow first-class passenger who is a Hasid Jew.

Things do not get much easier for Misha upon his arrival in Absurdistan. Shteyngart explains that Absurdistan is located near...

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