Absurd Person Singular

by Alan Ayckbourn

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

In the play, Alan Ayckbourn comments on the frailty of the human ego and the pressures of societal and economic standards on married couples. Each act is centered around a couple who must maintain appearances while hosting a party. Ayckbourn highlights both the private and public inadequacies of each individual as they pretend to have everything together while neglecting their mistakes and issues. Ironically, the reader is able to recognize more than the person is willing to admit to both themselves and their partner.

Ayckbourn believes that due to the rise of the middle class, there has been an inevitable obsession with gaining and maintaining status. The play reveals the effects of forsaking one's soul while pursuing any semblance of outward perfection. Essentially, Ayckbourn uses the play to reveal the intentional blindness of human error and the unhealthy yet habitual obsession with feeding one's ego.

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