Absurd Person Singular

by Alan Ayckbourn

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The characters of "Absurd Singular Person" are:

Sidney Hopcroft
A businessman who goes from owning a general store to expanding into real estate development. He is an energetic, small man who likes to fix things around the house. Although he is not the most romantic person, he's willing to bring positivity in every situation.

Jane Hopcroft
Jane is Sidney's wife who is obsessed with cleanliness and domesticity. She plays the role of the typical TV housewife, doing whatever it takes to keep the house in order.

Ronald Brewster-Wright
Ronald is a bank officer with an intimidating appearance who struggles with understanding women. Because he belongs to the managerial class, he relies on others to fix things for him.

Marion Brewster-Wright
Marion is Ronald's sophisticated, second wife, who looks down on those whom she thinks is beneath her. She is hypocritical and deals with life's problems by drinking alcohol.

Geoffrey Jackson
An architect who is also a shameless womanizer., Geoffrey's arrogance prevents him from recognizing the flaws in his designs and his marriage, but he is eventually humbled by his mistakes and learns to appreciate his wife more.

Eva Jackson
Eva is Geoffrey's unstable wife, who is unhappy with her marriage and uses tranquilizers as a way to cope. Her drug use prevents her from having healthy interactions with people and keeping the house clean. After a failed suicide attempt, she tries to get her life together and, along with her husband's newfound appreciation, begins to regain stability.

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