The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Chapters 8-13 Summary and Analysis

Sherman Alexie

Chapters 8-13 Summary and Analysis


Junior's father drives him the twenty-two miles to school on his first day at Reardan. He reminds his son that "those white people aren't better than (him)," a fact which neither of them quite believe, but the expression of his love gives Junior the courage to follow through on his resolve. The white kids stare at him as they arrive, and Junior wonders what he is doing there at Reardan, where the only other Indian is ironically the school mascot. When Junior's homeroom teacher calls him by his given name, Arnold Spirit, Junior feels "like two different people inside of one body;" one, Arnold, who navigates in the white world, and the other, Junior, who lives on the reservation. An attractive...

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