The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Chapters 25-29 Summary and Analysis

Sherman Alexie

Chapters 25-29 Summary and Analysis


Buoyed by confidence and his amazing shooting skills, Junior becomes a freshman starter on the Reardan varsity basketball team, and he credits the high expectations set for him at Reardan for allowing him to reach his potential. After losing their first game to the reservation high school, Reardan has gone on to win twelve in a row. The next game will be a rematch against Wellpinit, and Junior admits that he wants revenge. A local news crew comes out to interview Junior before the big game, and he tells them that he feels he has something to prove, "to the people in Reardan, the people in Wellpinit, and to (him)self." Junior declares boldly that he will never surrender to anyone, in basketball,...

(The entire section is 1870 words.)