Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Lord Clonbrony

Lord Clonbrony, an owner of large estates in Ireland who absents himself to live in London. He is ignored in fashionable circles, travels with questionable associates, and gets into embarrassing financial circumstances.

Lady Clonbrony

Lady Clonbrony, an Irishwoman who apes English manners and speech. She makes herself ridiculous in London. Her chief desire is to see her son marry an heiress.

Sir Terence O’Fay

Sir Terence O’Fay, an impecunious sponger who attaches himself to Lord Clonbrony.

Lord Colambre

Lord Colambre, son of Lord Clonbrony, a student at Cambridge. He loves Grace Nugent, whom he marries. An honest, level-headed young man, he straightens out his father’s financial affairs.

Grace Nugent

Grace Nugent, a distant relative of the Clonbronys. A beautiful, talented, and well-mannered girl, she eventually becomes Lord Colambre’s wife.

Miss Broadhurst

Miss Broadhurst, a sensible young woman and an heiress whom Lady Clonbrony hopes to have as a daughter-in-law. Because she is not attracted to Lord Colambre, she eventually marries Arthur Berryl.

Arthur Berryl

Arthur Berryl, a friend of Lord Clonbrony. He falls in love with and marries Miss Broadhurst.

Sir John Berryl

Sir John Berryl, Arthur’s father. He...

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