"All Empire Is No More Than Power In Trust"

Context: In the allegory Achitophel (the Earl of Shaftesbury) persuades Absalom (the Duke of Monmouth) that it is fitting for Absalom to seek his father's (Charles II) throne. The reasons Achitophel gives are several, all centering about the notion that to change the succession is for the general good; the basis for the Earl of Shaftesbury's opposition to the Duke of York's succession was that he felt that Britain would be endangered if a Roman Catholic, as the Duke of York was thought to be, were to ascend to the throne. Achitophel says to Absalom in the allegory:

. . . the People have a Right Supreme
To make their Kings; for Kings are made for them.
All Empire is no more than Pow'r in Trust,
Which when resum'd, can be no longer Just.
Succession, for the general Good design'd,
In its own wrong a Nation cannot bind.