Suggested Essay Topics

Chapter 1
1. Explain how the biblical allusion in the title of the novel Absalom, Absalom! relates to the story.

2. Explore the viewpoint of Miss Rosa’s narration. Is she an objective, disinterested narrator, or is she emotionally involved in the story? How would this effect her narration?

3. Write about a story you know, or an incident from your own life using the many-layered, stream-of-consciousness style that Faulkner uses, breaking the standard rules of grammar.

4. Using the information you have learned so far about the Sutpen clan, describe the family’s strengths and weaknesses, its failures and accomplishments, and how it triumphs and tragedies were shaped by American history.

Chapter 2
1. Explain how Faulkner’s technique of telling and then re-telling the Sutpen story in Absalom, Absalom! makes it more realistic as a family myth.

2. Describe the differences and similarities explaining why the slaves that Sutpen owned and the architect he hired were bound to his land. If the slaves fled, what fate would have awaited them? If the architect escaped, what would his fate have been?

3. Sutpen is laying the foundation for the dynasty he dreams of establishing, but we see that its framework is morally rotten. Describe how the brutality underlying Sutpen’s dream parallels the slavery economics upon which Southern agriculture depended before the Civil War.

4. Why would an accomplished author such as William Faulkner purposefully leave out an important detail, such as the reason for Sutpen’s arrest?

Chapter 3
1. Describe what happened to Mr. Coldfield and why, if he was a good man before he became wrapped up in Sutpen’s world, why was the good man changed and destroyed by his deal¬ings with the evil man? How would it have been if things had worked out the other way around—if the evil man had been changed by the good man?

2. Follow the transformation of Ellen Sutpen as outlined in this chapter. Why is it tragic?

3. Much of the happiness that people experience in this section will turn out to be ephemeral. Write an essay describing the time shifts and foreshadowings that illuminate what you know so far about the past, the present, and the future of one of Faulkner’s people.

4. Describe Faulkner’s various narrative techniques that he uses in Absalom, Absalom! and their effect on the reader.

Chapter 4
1. Racism effects the people who perpetuate it as well as the people against whom it is perpetuated. Describe the various ways in which the book shows racism destroying the lives of the major and minor characters.

2. Having more that one family on more than one side of the so-called color line was not unheard of in the days before the Civil War....

(The entire section is 1178 words.)