Absalom, Absalom! Chapter 9 Summary and Analysis

William Faulkner

Chapter 9 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Jim Bond: “idiot” son of Charles Etienne St. Velery Bon and his African-American wife

The narration of the story is concluded. Quentin tells Shreve how Miss Rosa brought him out to Sutpen’s Hundred one September and they found Henry still alive, but in hiding. In December, Miss Rosa sends an ambulance, but Clytie thinks that it is a police car and she sets the house on fire, killing herself and Henry.

Now the entire Sutpen clan is destroyed, except for Jim Bond, the “idiot” (who, like Faulkner, gained an extra letter in his last name). Jim Bond stands outside the burning mansion, howling, and then he soon disappears into the woods, still howling. Jim...

(The entire section is 830 words.)