Absalom, Absalom! Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis

William Faulkner

Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Colonel John Sartoris: a Faulknerian figure, whom Thomas Sutpen replaced as commanding officer in the Civil War

Colonel Willow: the man who told Thomas Sutpen that his son Henry was wounded

In Chapter Eight, the main remembered “action” of Absalom, Absalom! is over. Faulkner has already described Thomas Sutpen’s early life, his arrival in Jefferson, his marriage to Ellen Coldfield, the friendship of Henry Sutpen and Charles Bon, the betrothal of Judith Sutpen and Charles Bon, and the two main murders—Henry’s murder of Charles Bon, and Wash Jones’ murder of Thomas Sutpen. Consequently, Chapter Eight ties up the loose ends of the Sutpen...

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