Absalom, Absalom! Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis

William Faulkner

Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
French Architect: Thomas Sutpen brought him from Martinique to build his mansion and kept him captive on the plantation for two years, until the house was nearly finished

General Compson: Quentin Compson’s grandfather, Mr. Compson’s father, Thomas Sutpen’s first (and only) friend

Melicent Jones: Wash Jones’ daughter, who gives birth to Milly Jones in 1853

Milly Jones: Wash Jones’ granddaughter, seduced by Thomas Sutpen, who gives birth to a baby girl and is killed, with her baby, by her father, Wash Jones

Major de Spain: the Jefferson sheriff who killed Wash Jones

Pettibone: the wealthy plantation owner from whose door Thomas Sutpen...

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