Absalom, Absalom! Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

William Faulkner

Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Theophilus McCaslin: present during the burial of Charles Bon, he said a Confederate prayer over the Catholic man

Chapter Five is the end segment of Miss Rosa’s story. It tells the events of the Sutpen drama as they related to her, and then her voice is left behind.

The plot is simple. After Wash Jones brings the news to Miss Rosa of Charles Bon’s murder, Miss Rosa immediately goes out to Sutpen’s Hundred. Miss Rosa, Judith, Clytie, and Theophilus McCaslin are the only ones who were present at Charles Bon’s funeral. They carry the coffin, dig the grave, and bury Charles Bon together.

After the burial, Miss Rosa decides to stay on at...

(The entire section is 828 words.)