Abraham Polonsky Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


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Overview of Polonsky's life and career, focusing on Force of Evil and Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here.

Cannon, Lee E. Review of The World Above, by Abraham Polonsky. The Christian Century 68 (2 May 1951): 561-62.

Favorable discussion of The World Above, in which the critic finds the novel written with insight, emotion, and honesty.

Crowther, Bosley. Review of Body and Soul, by Abraham Polonsky. The New York Times (10 November 1947): 21.

Favorably comments on Polonsky's screenwriting and Robert Rossen's direction of Body and Soul.

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Recounts a day on the set of Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, presenting Polonsky's comments on various performance and technical aspects of filmmaking.

Zheutlin, Barbara, and Talbot, David. "Abraham Polonsky." Creative Differences: Profiles of Hollywood Dissidents. Boston: South End Press, 1978, pp. 55-99.

Overview of Polonsky's life and career, including discussion of his education, introduction to Hollywood, political and artistic development, and work during and after being blacklisted.