Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

The Abbé Constantin

The Abbé Constantin, the elderly curé of the parish near the Chateau Longueval. He is a kindly, thoughtful man. Among his good works is the rearing of the son of an army friend who was killed in battle. The priest is saddened when the nearby chateau is sold to a wealthy American woman, for he is sure that the new owner will not be a Catholic and will not be interested in his work. He is delightfully surprised to find that he is wrong and that the new owners are a blessing to him and his village.

Mrs. Scott

Mrs. Scott, the wealthy new owner of the chateau, an American. As a Catholic, she is pleased to help the old curé. She tells the priest of her childhood spent in poverty and of the lawsuit that made her a millionaire.

Bettina Percival

Bettina Percival, Mrs. Scott’s young sister. She is a wealthy woman tired of proposals from men who want only her fortune. She falls in love with the curé’s godson, Jean Reynaud. When he proves too bashful to ask her to marry him, she arranges, with the abbé’s help, to tell the man of her love.

Jean Reynaud

Jean Reynaud, a brave, charitable, thoughtful young army officer, the abbé’s godson. His bashfulness and his deep love for Bettina keep him from declaring himself as the young woman’s suitor.

Paul de Lavardens

Paul de Lavardens, a spendthrift young Frenchman from a well-to-do family. He courts Bettina brashly, but to no avail.

Mme de Lavardens

Mme de Lavardens, Paul’s mother. A good woman, she is one of the abbé’s parishioners.