A View From the Bridge

by Arthur Miller

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Student Question

How is the theme of jealousy explored in A View From the Bridge?

Expert Answers

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Jealousy is shown throughout the play as something that can so easily get out of control; and when it does, it can destroy lives. It is Eddie's insane jealousy over Catherine and Rodolpho's budding relationship that inadvertently leads to his own death.

But long before the play's tragic denouement, Eddie's jealousy has already caused deep strains within his marriage. His wife, Beatrice, is no fool; she senses that Eddie has feelings for his niece. But Eddie, ever the traditional patriarch, believes he can do as he pleases and that it's not his wife's place to question him. In that sense, the theme of jealousy reveals the state of gender relations in mid-20th century America.

Once Eddie's jealousy gets out of control, it's as if he's another person; jealousy develops his character in a whole new direction, and not in a good way. It estranges him, not just from his family but from the wider Italian-American community. His fateful decision to report Marco and Rodolpho to the immigration authorities is something that no one in his neighborhood would ever dream of doing. And perhaps Eddie would never have dreamed of doing such a thing himself had he not been so utterly consumed by the green-eyed monster.

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