Chapter 9 Summary

Bran is in the wolf dream. Summer is a direwolf and he is the prince of the woods. Other wolves might challenge him, but in spite of the packs that help them, they cannot match a direwolf. Summer can feel his brothers and sisters, though they are far away. Suddenly, Bran is pulled from the dream. Jojen Reed is nearby. Though Jojen is young, he is very solemn and Bran remembers how Nan used to call him "Little Grandfather." He asks Bran whether the young prince remembered to mark the trees while in the dream. Bran forgot, as usual. Jojen reminds Bran that in real life he is a prince of Winterfell. He must learn to control Summer in the dream or else. Jojen's older sister, Meera, returns with frogs for them to eat. They argue again over what they should do. Though they are hiding in an old tower, Jojen urges them to walk north beyond the Wall to find the three-eyed crow that waits there. Though Jojen has "green dreams" that come true, he is no "greenseer." Bran needs a better teacher. Meera suggests that they steal horses or even try to buy them. However, the three of them and Hodor, a simple minded but very large man, would not go unnoticed. Bran decides that they will travel north, even if it means they must walk.