Chapter 8 Summary

Daenerys watches as her dragons fly over the sea. Drogon especially has grown bold and enjoys the freedom of flying. Daenerys, however, moves less quickly than she would prefer aboard the Balerion. Someday, Dany thinks, she will ride her dragons across the sea. She talks to Arstan Whitebeard, who tells her a story about her brother, Rhaegar. He had been an "able" man, above all else. In his youth he read a great deal until one day he read in a scroll that he was to become a great warrior. Arstan, though old and well-spoken, is Strong Belwas's squire, and he must leave when the latter wakes. Ser Jorah Mormont does not trust Arstan. That night, he comes to Dany's cabin and suggests that Arstan and Strong Belwas might betray her. They were sent by Illyrio Mopatis to return her to Pentos. However, if Illyrio is indeed a friend of Dany's, then he would not mind if Dany chooses another course. Jorah suggests that they go to Slaver's Bay and buy soldiers. He recommends the Unsullied, eunuchs that are well known for their loyalty. Dany is convinced. Jorah kisses her next. Dany chastises him, but he tells her that no man well ever be "half so true to you as me."